More of what’s below the GPD waterline

Former police Chief Wray’s explanation (N&R) for why the infamous “black book” was initially created involved an allegation by a female citizen.  As the story goes, she was allegedly ”groped” by a black officer and the book was assembled to serve as a photographic ‘line-up”.  Sounds reasonable, right?

But here comes Councilwoman Sandy Carmany revealing another “piece of the iceberg” floating beneath what we have been shown so far….

“…no case file has been found so far that documents the charge of a black officer groping a female suspect.”

I am becoming more and more convinced that the size of the”iceberg” created under David Wray’s leadership is huge.


Update: To their credit, our city government is doing all they can to keep its citizenry informed about this whole mess.  A page on the city’s website has been created where you can acess a ton of pertinent information regarding the investigation and what has ‘officially’ occured to date.

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