Very shallow N&R coverage

With all of the important news that was the news in today’s N&R, only one item made me shake my head in disappointment.  The item of my dismay took up almost the entire front page of today’s Life section and asked a question, the answer to which I thought should be settled by now:  Who has the best wings in town?

After I read the headline, I scanned the page for the words I was looking for: Minj Grille.  But noooo….  The N&R staff (depicted while masticating) subjected themselves to a bunch of crappy, gristle infested, bland, over-advertised, under-sized and otherwise inferior under-fed by-products of Mr. Perdue’s over-populated chicken farms.  And I feel sorry for them – but that is not the point here.

As a subscriber who depends on the N&R for thoroughness and accuracy, I insist that Jeri Rowe, Ed Hardin and Co. take the short walk from their now grease-covered desks on Market St. down to 310 S. Elm St. (or call 273-5393) and order up some of Minj’s crispy-but-saucy, over-sized, “kicked-up” wings – and print an apology and correction in tomorrow’s paper.  (Or do it in the comments below).


Update I: For the uninitiated, Minj is an acronym drawn from the first names of the Hill family who own the place. Matt (dad), India (daughter), Niki (mom and sauce inventor) and, I hope I get this one right (ed:I didn’t), Jordyn (son).  If I didn’t get the ‘J’ right, I’m sure Niki will correct me.  She has proven to not be shy about making comments here.

Update II: Killian is soon to be a convert.

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