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Offered below are the three options that the War Memorial Stadium Task Force is currently considering.  Although they will likely undergo a bunch of refinements to determine details and costs of each option, these are the three structural configurations that will likely go before our City Council when all is said and done.  The Council will have the final say on which option will be offered to the voters in the form of a bond referendum, probably this November. 

The architects have assured the Task Force that the stadium will retain its National Registry status under all three scenarios, which were developed since our last meeting.

In addition, all three scenarios incorporate the wonderful idea of redefining the old stadium’s future useage within the context of a new city park as previously discussed.  A newly added feature is the possible addition of a lawn area behind center/left field suitable for croquet or bocce ball matches.

Option 1 calls for a total of only 1500 seats, Option 2, 2000, and Option 3 plans for 2500. (click hyperlinks for larger images). 

Under all three options, the part of the stadium’s footprint depicted in red would be demolished.  In its place is proposed a new structure to house new locker rooms, concessions, rest rooms and maintenance facilities.  This would be constructed behind the stadium’s original facade, and its roof would approximate the profile of the original seating bowl.

Under both of the above options, large segments of the original structure would not be demolished (renovation depicted in purple), but would not be available for seating either.  They would be fenced off and ’mothballed’ for possible future expansions and renovations.  However, due to the advanced deterioration of these ‘mothballed’ sections, especially down the third base line, the demolition of large parts of the stadium are probably just being postponed – not averted.  Option 2 proposes a small rebuilt seating section and is shown in blue.  

Option 3 doesn’t postpone what is, in all likelihood, the inevitable…

Here, a large segment of the third base seating would be removed and not replaced.  Although there are discussions to creatively retain the original exterior wall as well as some of the ‘bones’ of the original construction elements of the demolished section - such as columns and raker beams – a new public plaza would be created where the original seating bowl currently stands.  The only sections of the original stadium that would remain and undergo renovation/reconstruction under Option 3 are depicted in pink.

The notes from the January 30th Task Force meeting can be found here.  I will provide my thoughts on the three schemes later… but right now, it is your turn.

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  1. Posted March 16, 2006 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    Glad to see that the community supports the continued existence of the stadium and wants to update it so that we can use it for events with a local flavor. I’m sorry to see that the community concerts in the park summer series was denied permission to use the stadium for one of the free Sunday evening concerts.

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