Hammer lied?

Councilwoman Goldie Wells denies having called Rhino Times editor John Hammer and his parents (and by extension, me and mine) racists according to the N&R’s Inside Scoop.

Meanwhile, here is the letter (p1, p2) that the Rhino published from not-yet-elected-to-council Wells.  This was sent to members of our City Council just days after their April 19th 6-3 vote to oppose the Truth & Reconciliation ‘process’.   The Inside Scoop post above relates that Goldie owns up to sending the letter and further admits, “I was very upset at that time.”  Ya think?

Meanwhiler, in the comments to yesterday’s related post, Truth & Rec director Jill Williams provides some thoughts and Phred says this racists-are-everywhere thing is deja vu all over again with a little history lesson.

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