Making noise

A group of citizens and city staff started work on a new noise ordinance for Greensboro way back in July of ’04.  A final draft of the proposed law was completed and recommended by the group in April of ’05.  After all of that input and effort, City Attorney Terry Wood briefed our City Council on the ordinance back on August 23rd of last year.  And then….  silence… but not the kind of silence the ordinance was meant to address.  Our City Council seems to have just put nearly two years worth of work on some dusty shelf.

I realize our Council has important and pressing issues to attend to every other Tuesday, but I am very dissapointed they have seen fit to delay consideration of this citizen-driven initiative by nearly six months after it was presented to them.  One would think that few things are more important to folks hereabouts than the reasonably quiet enjoyment of their everyday (and night) lives; and this is the very thing the proposed ordinance is supposed to provide.

Spring is fast approaching and with it will come all of the noises that started the call for Greensboro to finally adopt our first real noise ordinance.  I urge our city council to dust the thing off and get on with it.

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