Mitch Johnson is plugging the leak

I agree with Cone that local blog-centric conversations among the press and politicians over the rightness or wrongness of the David Wray report leakage is “enormously important stuff”.  As a matter of fact it may well be a first anywhere. 

However, the part of this whole thing that may become just as explosive as the original Wray revelations is a new investigation that City Manager Mitch Johnson is conducting: who leaked the $160,000 Wray report to the N&R?.  “The leaker” is likely a member of our City Council according to Councilwoman Carmany…

“…Councilmembers are fairly certain who “our leaker” is now based on things that have come to light. That person could be facing legal prosecution, and at the very least, owes fellow councilmembers an explanation and apology. Our working relationship is forever damaged, and I for one can never see myself trusting or respecting that person again.”

So now… not only do we have half of our police department lawyering-up and lining up to see if they might have a civil claim against the city for racial discrimination, but we might also have to endure the spectacle of legal proceedings against a sitting City Council member in the not too distant future.  Lovely.

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