Love those Aggies

A bunch of us from the ‘hood made our annual two-block trek to the NC A&T Homecoming parade this morning at 8:30 with a jug of Bloody Marys.  The storied Aggie parade is, without a doubt, the best time you can have with your clothes on.

My friend Bev and I went in search of the perfect fish sandwich and failed but found a BBQ rib vendor from Alabama and some wonderful fried chicken cooked on-the-spot by a woman who obviously enjoys her own cooking.  Just taking in the aromas from all of the grills was well worth the stroll down crowded Lindsay Street.

I have always wanted to be in the A&T parade but never had a reason to do so until this year.  I missed the sign-up deadline by two days and chalk it up to my inexperience but will never make that mistake again.

Councilman Don Vaughn was handing out candy like Santa.  Councilwomen Johnson and Burroughs-White shared a convertible and were crowd favorites.  Reverend Jessup was in also.  We cheered for each very loudly because we all realize that they are working their butts off for Greensboro and I count each of them as friends.  They were all very gracious to overtly acknowledge me on the sidelines.   

At the polls however, all of my “High on the Hogg” button wearing friends and others will express their desire for some change… I hope.

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