The Underground Railroad

Last night I had my interview with the powerful Simkins PAC at Steve Bowden’s law offices on Summit Avenue.  All nine of the Committee Members in attendance are well respected leaders of the community and it was a real honor to be before them.

The main point that I tried to relate is that many of my issues are the same as the PAC’s.  More emphasis and resources need to be directed toward District 2 in particular and East Greensboro in general to create equitable development.

The PAC has an unprecedented opportunity to help create a three vote block of District 2 residents: Claudette, Yvonne and me.  No matter what the issue may be, it takes five votes to get anything done on the City Council and the PAC will hopefully see the value of endorsing my candidacy.

FYI, Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson is a PAC member but has a policy of not attending interviews nor voting on the endorsements of her potential peers on Council.  She remained in Bowden’s lobby during the process along with the other two at-large incumbents; Don Vaughn and Tom Phillips – and myself.  We had some great conversation for about thirty minutes while the PAC was convening.

Much of the conversation revolved around the election process and the toll it takes on our families and businesses but some of the exchange was more political in nature.  The question of whether or not to relate such personal, but very political conversation is a dilemma for a political candidate who has pledged transparency through web logging.

Some of the comments made during the conversation would create much controversy if I chose to post them, but I will not.  I am not a reporter, I am a candidate who is working hard to take my place beside two of the three incumbents I was conversing with.

To be an effective member of City Council I will need to work closely with the other Council members and win their trust and support.  At the same time I am committed to share the intricacies of my decision making process with all of Greensboro via this medium after I am elected. 

Posting the content of private political conversations must remain off limits regardless of the how I might think I might benefit personally from doing it.  It is imperative that my peers know that I can be trusted with sensitive information. 

This will not become a gossip blog.

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