Grimsley still #4?

I drove home from Raleigh tonight to watch Grimsley’s lacrosse team take on Chapel Hill High School.  For those who are only aware of one notorious lacrosse team in NC, going into this game the Whirlies were ranked number four in the state; Chapel Hill was number one.  After tonight’s matchup, I’m disappointed to report that the rankings won’t change much.  Grimsley lost 15-8.

The Chapel Hill Tigers simply whooped up on the Whirlies.  We couldn’t muster enough defense to stop a team that fields some of NC’s best individual lax players; three players on the Tigers’ squad are under the tutelage of fathers who make a living as coaches for the Carolina Tarheels excellent lacrosse team.  At times those guys seemed to score on us whenever they damn well pleased.

Although I am not normally a critic of my children’s coaches, I believe Grimsley’s coaching staff played a large part in tonight’s loss.  

From my perspective on the sidelines they neglected to play some very fine second and third line players, which would Colins shot.jpghave kept fresh legs on the field at all times.  (Not sour grapes mind you, my Jackson, although not a starter, played plenty.)  By the end of the third quarter, the first line guys were needlessly rendered ineffective due to obvious exhaustion.  Many were nearly bent over double trying to catch thier breath during the last half of the game, but the coaches kept them in despite some wonderful players chomping at the bit on the sidelines to get in on the action.  If the Whirlies were thin on sideline talent I would have understood it, but we aren’t.  Not by a country mile.

 (Photo: Grimsley’s Colin Sherwood throws a hard one past Chapel Hill defenders)

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  1. Posted April 18, 2006 at 9:52 am | Permalink

    Did you voice your concerns to the coaches before posting this?

    Sounds as if the coaches have some concerns over Spring Break and the potential loss of conditioning. By scheduling gaes during Spring Break and one on the first day back- they apparently want to set at tone with their program. They may also have wanted to make a point with the players who were exhausted.

    I’m not saying it’s right – but some coaches maintain a philosophy that the first teamers have earned the right to be out there and keep them out there. I happen to believe in playing more people, and keeping fresh bodies on the field as you mentioned. Also, all the kids are putting in practice time, and that should earn them some playing time. I would say all the kids deserved playing time in this game (non-conference), if they sacrificed some of their time over Spring Break.

  2. Posted April 19, 2006 at 4:59 am | Permalink

    Not yet, Coach. However, I understand the starters have voice similar concerns.

    As far as Spring Break goes, the coaches scheduled 2 mandatory practices during the break lastg week and they also played two games. Conditioning was not an issue as they had a 5 hour practice on the Saturday before the Monday game.

  3. Posted April 19, 2006 at 6:08 am | Permalink

    5 hour practice? That is unnecessary. As a parent, I would be very unhappy if my kid attended all the madatory practices over the break, and did not see the field in a nonconference game.

    As a coach, I would be a little unhappy to read criticism on the Internet from parents of my players if they hadn’t approached me about it first.

    As a parent/teacher/coach, I have to disagree with what these coaches demanded of the kids during Spring Break. “Break” would be the key word.