Mr. President, please attack Appalachia…

“… You have promised healthcare for all Iraqis. We could use the same thing here… (Y)ou have also promised to rebuild the schools in Iraq. We too have schools that need rebuilt and that need more funding.”

Being a Kentuckian by birth and rearing, and having traveled much of Appalachia during a former business life, I couldn’t resist posting this letter that a friend forwarded to me after hearing Paul Harvey recite it.

Mike Bryan’s Please Attack Appalachia makes a pretty good case for why America should invade Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and parts of the other ten states that we “hillbillies” call home.

Although I do not agree with all that the letter purports, I do agree that Appalachia remains America’s third world.  If an Iraqi style invasion would result in Iraqi style rebuilding then,

“… please, do it soon. We need the reparations, better schools, better infrastructure, universal healthcare, and a fair share in the wealth of our own resources.”

I am pretty confident that the resistance would be light.

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