another investigation? no comment.

A wierd revelation by GSO’s acting police Chief Bellamy.  In a press release, he reveals that some conversations by ”community members” were “secretly recorded” by a “non-sworn police employee“.  The N&R reports, “The circumstances surrounding these incidents are unclear …and under investigation.”

Then, as a part of the cryptic press release, the acting chief shuts off the information spigot just as it begins dripping: “…no further information regarding this will be released by the Greensboro Police Department until the investigation is concluded.”

So?  Why bring it up in the first place?  Don’t we have enough on our “…no further comment, we’ll need to wait for the (insert proceeding here)” plate as it is?  The way things are going, no Greensboro public official is going to be able to talk about much of anything having to do with their jobs because every facet of our government will soon be under some sort of an investigation. Or so it seems.

Update: More in today’s N&R and The Troublemaker has a theory.

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    This is just a guess, but I think he might have brought it up because Nelson Johnson brought it up first, at the City Council meeting last night.

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    That’s what i get for spending too much time away from Greensboro.

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    NELSON WAS TOLD OF THE TAPES EARLY TUESDAY Many hours b 4 his presentation. he could have been told because everyone knew he would run to the council meeting and claim he was being targeted..again…it is also foolish not tto see the pulpt forum’s possible role. they went to the last council meeting to ask for things to be releASED. Nelson says some cryptic message about surveillance…It all could have been planned to disrupt or deflect heat from the Bellamy-Small/pulpit forum/N&R leak. Nelson knew of the tapes b 4 ythe meeting…strategic move…it has to be considered. if i could only tell all I know.

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    Guesses aren’t helpful. Let’s deal in facts, please.

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    OK, Chewie, you want facts only, here goes:

    1.) It is a fact that Nelson Johnson addressed the Greensboro City Council during the public comment portion of the 04/18/06 meeting. His statement, in full: “Mr. Mayor and Council, I’ve learned today of some unauthorized surveillance of citizens in the community and I’d like to ask this Council and this Mayor, do you plan for disclosure of that, and when do you plan to do it, and help the community understand why these acitivities have been taking place.”

    2.) It is a fact that the Council member Yvonne Johnson requested that City Manager Mitchell Johnson respond to Nelson’s question, and Mitch answered with a long and wide-ranging reply about the ongoing investigations into the issues with GPD, although he didn’t directly address Nelson’s question about surveillance.

    3.) It is a fact that the next day, 04/19/06, GPD Chief Tim Bellamy issued a press release which referred to unnamed surveillance of “members of the community.”

    The video of that Council meeting is available here.

    The press release from Tim Bellamy is available .

    And those are the facts as I know them.

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    My links didn’t appear, so let me try that again:

    The City Council video from 04/18/06 is here:

    The GPD press release from 04/19/06 is here: