Volunteers on assignment

Like mine, Stewart Pitman’s youth was punctuated with the communal exitement surrounding house fires in a small town and the volunteers that gathered to put them out.  But the difference between us is that Lenslinger was one of the volunteers. 

A recent assignment took him and his camera truck up Highway 109 to Wallburg.  The experience took him (and me) back many years.

“…Whenever the whistle blew, an impromptu town square formed around the conflagration in question. Hoses were pulled, water was summoned and grown men gossiped under the sweat of their helmets as they matter-of-factly extinguished the blaze.”

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    A cousin of mine, eight months older than I, just completed 30 years as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic in a small town in Connecticut. He’s still at it. His professional path has been somewhat … meandering, at least to an outsider. I prefer to think of it as his not caring so much what he does to pay the bills as long as he can stay in the town where he grew up and continue to contribute to its wellbeing in his off hours, even at the risk of his life.