One more step to go

I attended the City Council briefing yesterday for two reasons: to shorten the learning curve for what I will need to catch up on after the election and to see the Aycock Plan cross it’s second-to-the-last hurdle before its adoption by the City Council at their November 5th meeting (the day after the election).

The News & Record provides a good account of the briefing session, espcially the part about Councilman Phillips questioning Councilman Perkins on why he was reticent to jump on the band wagon.  Thank you Tom.

Aycock Neighborhood Association president David Wharton gave a stellar presentation in the briefing that will be shown again November 5th.  David  packaged the neighborhood’s Strategic Plan (PDF File) in such a way that it has the appeal of a two-month-old puppy in a pet shop window with a sign reading… “Please adopt me!”

There were questions about how our plan fits in with Downtown Greensboro, Inc. and Action Greensboro’s plans for downtown.  These will be answered by DGI’s Ray Gibbs when it is shown that they have already merged our plans with Action Greensboro’s Cooper-Cary Center City Plan for Greensboro.  The Aycock Plan simply expands the definition of what will be considered Greensboro’s “downtown” for generations to come.

With all of the development planned for Northeast Greensboro, Summit Avenue will again become an important entranceway into downtown.  The City Council agrees with Aycock that the first priority should be ordering a corridor analysis to transform Summit Avenue and the Murrow Boulevard interchange into an inviting and vital part of downtown.

At least one person disagrees and ends by saying “This is clearly not a neighborhood in need of additional tax dollar support.”

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