Marching in support of illegal immigration

Beth writes in support of Greensboro’s Immigrant Rights Rally which is to be held this coming Monday.  She implores people to attend if they are, “…compassionate about ending the crucifixion of human beings simply for coming from the other side of the fence.”

Now I’m a pretty compassionate guy but I’m not aware of any “crucifixions” or similar treatment of the Great Undocumented, but I am aware of deportations that have occured because people have come “from the other side of the fence” illegally. This issue is not made simple just because she uses “simply” as a qualifier in describing those who have arrived here contrary to federal law.

Don’t take me as being completely anti-illegal-immigrant, because I’m not.  As a practical matter, I support some kind of clemancy program for some undocumented aliens and a big ol’ multi-billion dollar fence to secure our border against further illegal infiltration.

Simply put this issue is complicated, but any real resolution will not come until Mexico becomes more economically appealing to Mexicans (for example).

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  1. darkmoon
    Posted April 28, 2006 at 4:36 pm | Permalink

    I’m sorry, but all of my family came legally. For those that follow that entrance method by going through the right channels, I can’t stand by something that my family did, but these people did not. There’s a method and way. Go and do it.

    I’ll be plenty supportive when H1B Visas are not cut back anymore, and the illegals start paying taxes even though they’re illegal.