Wired for truth – the pundits

Mr. Sun on our polygraph-taking-for-naught City Council:  Throw Down in Tournament Town. Replete with soundtrack.

Related and timely: Ed Cone terms it a Theater of the Absurd in his Sunday N&R column

Extra related and timely: Responding to Allen Johnson’s column yesterday and a related Plead the First cartoon on the matter that also ran in Sunday’s edition, commenter ‘scott’ thinks this..

“…I’d like to see the Council adopt a policy like the one suggested by the editorial cartoon today. Each member gets one polygraph challenge per session that he or she can use to test any statement made by anyone else. Phillips calls “polygraph” on Barber and Barber has to go to the back immediately and get tested. If found lying, Barber has to wear a scarlet L for the remainder of his term. Perhaps a stint in the public stocks added for egregious offences. The scheme would work wonders…”

Councilwoman Carmany responds, “…I totally agree with your statements!!!” and then appeals to “the leaker” and/or the N&R and/or “the intermediary between “the leaker” and the newspaper“ (aka The Pulpit Forum) to end this thing.

At this ‘junctsha’ there’s a fat chance of that hapening, IMHO.

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