War Memorial Stadium

The front page of the N&R today reported mainly about the second segment of yesterday’s City Council briefing session concerning Aycock  That portion addressed the future of War Memorial Stadium.

City Manager Ed Kitchen outlined a three step process for developing a strategy for how to best utilize the Stadium and surrounding property.

  1. Evaluate the stadium’s historic structure for structural deficiencies and identify ongoing maintenance concerns.
  2. Determine the stadium’s future role within the context of the Parks & Recreation’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan and make adjustments to the facility based on those findings.
  3. Evaluate how a redefined War Memorial will relate to and enhance other development opportunities in the area to best serve the entire City and then plan for that development.

The Aycock Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors met last night in our regular monthly session.  We all agreed that the plans outlined for War Memorial is the right way for the City to proceed.  We have some serious concerns about insuring that the historic structure of the stadium remains intact and receives proper and appropriate rehabilitation however, and we have begun a process to insure that our concerns are addressed.

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