Paying it backward and forward

“…Greensboro took my family under its collective wing and sent us soaring to heights of gratitude that are extremely hard to express.  But let me try…”

IMG_0377.JPGSince the N&R has given me space in the newspaper to say whatever I want, what I wanted needed to say in today’s column is “thank you” to our community for all of the support my family was given “during cancer”.  In addition, I wanted an opportunity to announce that HoggFest lives on.

Following last year’s HoggFest, Jinni and I decided to hold back some seed money in support of someone else who might be going through what we went through.  Although we haven’t yet found the time to set up a $500.00 scholarship, the money is still there to do so.  But we also set aside $875.00 for future HoggFests – that will be used on May 20th.

Bobby Carroll, a kind and gentle soul, is an old friend who has been cutting my and my family’s hair at Neal’s Hair Studio on State State Street forever.  A single dad for his little girl, Laney, Bobby has esophageal cancer and recently underwent surgery for the disease and needs some help.

A bunch of Bobby’s friends and State Street merchants have organized a fundraiser called “Friends Helping a Friend” on Saturday, May 20th.  Between the hours of 10:00a and 5:00p, State Street will be shut down to traffic and a HoggFest atmosphere will take over the place.  Be there, blogsboro.

Music will be provided by Rob Massingill’s band and others, food will be provided by LaBamba, Chin’s Garden and other State Street establishments.  In addition, I will be cooking my famous Boston Butts and ribs and serving it up to all in attendance.

A raffle will be held for many items from State Street merchants and the all of the guys who cut hair at Neal’s will be doing their thing for donations with chairs set up in the street.  A good time will be had by all and hopefully a bunch of money will be raised for a guy that deserves it and needs it.

If you have something to donate or want to help out in any way, call Neal Kennedy at his shop – 274-4500, or stop by Neal’s Hair Studio @ 609 State Street.

I’ll be following up with additional information as it becomes available – but for now – go ahead an plan on continuing the HoggFest spirit on the 20th.

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  1. Jinni Hoggard
    Posted May 10, 2006 at 9:02 am | Permalink

    David and all blogsters,
    If you would contact me (instead of Neal) for all donations, I will coordinate with Neal. Boston butts, beans, slaw, rolls, plates, napkins, sodas, etc. can all add to the profits. Thanks! Call and leave a message 273-2384! Jinni

  2. Posted May 10, 2006 at 10:23 am | Permalink

    Now this is good news. It’s the community’s turn to say “thank you” to you guys for carrying on this tradition. Simply wonderful, Hoggards.

    And besides all that, everyone knows that your Boston butts can’t be beat.

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