Email from Bruce Ashley

I just received an email from Greensboro mayoral candidate Bruce Ashley.  In the message, he asks for everyone who receives it to forward it to others.  I post it here.

I have grown to like and respect Bruce through this campaign.  He has attempted to get some serious conversation going about Greensboro’s leadership – or lack thereof – and has been rebuked for the most part by the media for his efforts.  He and I have lamented separately but publicly that this campaign is not idea nor issue driven, it will be won or lost almost exclusively on name recognition.

I will always do whatever I can to help promote new ideas for Greensboro voters to consider regardless of their source.  Sadly, there have been NO new initiatives come from ANY incumbent in ANY office throughout this campaign. 

Laurel resting is the exercise of the day among those already sitting on the Council.  Even though I am not in agreement with everything Bruce proposes and the steps he would take towards implementation, Bruce has been exercising his brain and I applaud him for it.

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