Cheap thrills

One of our traditions around here on Memorial weekend and the 4th of July is to go out and buy several cases of old time sodas for friends and neighbors to enjoy.  Yoohoo, IBC Cream soda and the like are still available in glass bottles and are in plentiful supply on our front porch in coolers full of ice for anyone who drops by.  However, the all-time-favorite around here is the ‘little Coke’ which tastes like Coke is supposed to taste. There’s just something about that 8oz ice-cold glass-bottle.  We fill another ice-filled cooler with bottled beer. 

But the real fun at the Hoggard mansion came from an unexpected source…Jesse mattress.jpg

Jesse got a new mattress yesterday.  He has been sleeping on an old, cheap, dinosaur-print bunk bed mattress that we bought for our 16-year-old Jackson when he exited the crib for a ‘big bed’ all those years ago.

As Jesse and I were getting ready to bring his tired old mattress down the stairs, he noticed that it just fit the width of the staircase and asked, “Can I ride it down?”  Having no reasonable objection, I said, “Sure, get on – I’ll push.” Watch the video

Josie soon joined in, then Jinni took a ride, then me… and on it went.  As friends and neighbors came by the house throughout the day for bottled treats, Josie and Jesse would implore them, “You’ve just got to ride the mattress…”

To their credit, they all did – every “adult” and child who came by for “little Cokes” and the like, rode the mattress.  Some did it multiple times.  Carowinds has nothing on us.

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    Who else takes vidoes of this sort of thing? BTW, my grandfather and then my uncle owned Amityville Bottling Company and made soda before Coke or Pepsi was generally available. They delivered, too. Big HUGE vats upstairs in the shop where they mixed stuff. Humongous bags of sugar. Gigantic paddles to mix things up. We used to icepick the tops and suck out the soda and burp a lot (girls don’t belch, btw). I still have some bottles and caps and labels with a big “SR” on them for Solomon Roskind (my grandfather). Good old days. Great post; it took me back.

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    Riding a mattress down the stairs! I love it.

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    that looks like fun. when i was a kid, whenever my parents left me and my brother with a baby-sitter, we’d stack piles of pillows at the bottom of the staircase — similar in size — and leap off the top step into the pillows below.

    i’d never do that now… but i’d mattress surf ;-)

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    A new neighbor came by tonight (Sunday) and saw the spectacle of kids and adults still ‘mattress surfing’ (thanks Boring) and said, “My parents would have never let me do such a thing, so we did it when they weren’t home.” (like your case, Sean)

    As I said in the post, I couldn’t think of any ‘reasonable’ objection to what turned out to be real happenin’ herabouts. There might be several unreasonable ones, such as… well… I can’t think of any right now.

    Anyway… it’s been a weekend to remember… all because of an old mattress along with Jesse’s adventurousness and his willingness to ask for something he really wanted to do when his world outside of his home tends to pressure him to conform to a surf-mattresses-only-in-private mindset.

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    Mattress surfing…