Front porch politiking

Because of my party affiliation, I was unable to vote in yesterday’s Democratic runoff between sheriff candidates Blanks and Hinson and the N&R reports that eligible voters stayed away in droves as expected.  Eakes reports he was voter#12 1/2 hour before the polls closed in a his large precinct.

As a reward for all that effort, Berkley Blanks now gets the opportunity to face the formidable B.J. Barnes.

Berkley was a guest on my front porch back in April along with a whole passel of neighbors.  Referring to Sheriff Barnes’ ongoing across-party-lines popularity with Guilford County voters, I had to ask the obvious question, ”What in the world are you thinking running against B.J. again?”

I knew I’d lose last time“, said Blanks, “it was about building name recognition… this time it’s for real.“  “But Barnes just seems unbeatable.” I said.  “No one is unbeatable.” was his matter-of-fact answer.

Berkley Blanks is dead serious about unseating our high sherrif, but he knows what he is up against.  Even though he lost to Barnes last time 65% to 35%, he is counting on better name recognition, the Democratic party faithful, and some new ideas to throw 16 percentage points to his column this time around.  It’s going to be an interesting race.  

Berkley left my porch that night with an open invitation to return anytime and he said he would.  B.J. is welcome, too.  I’d love to have them both at the same time. Who wouldn’t?

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  1. Mike K.
    Posted June 1, 2006 at 3:06 pm | Permalink

    Well embarassingly enough I went to go vote in this week’s runoff as I’m a registered Democrat, but realized too late that my polling place had been changed since the last election. No conspiracy, just me not paying attention and by the time I realized my mistake I had to get back to work. Lame excuse but it’s the first election I missed in I don’t know when. While I’m not impressed with the whole ” the taxpayer’s sheriff” by-line (what does that mean anyway?) Mr. Blanks makes some good points about improving efficiencies and regional cooperation and rightly states that the amount of Guilford County not covered on a regular basis by Greensboro and High Point police (and thus needing county police coverage) has shrunk significantly in the last decade yet significant budgetary increases keep occuring. I attribute some of that to growth in smaller communities (Oak Ridge, Pleasant Garden, etc.) but something doesn’t compute. Personally I think it’s a bit odd to vote for the top county law enforcement official in the first place but no one at the State level’s willing to change the constitution to address that point. As such I also hope for an informative campaign.

  2. Posted June 1, 2006 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

    I wish everyone who reads your blog could have been at the candidate forum at Greensboro College before the primary. Three Democratic Candidates for Sheriff showed up. I was not impressed with any of them.

    BJ Barnes didn’t attend the forum. He had a previously planned fund-raiser that night. I heard that he did well at that.

    See ya,

  3. Mandy
    Posted June 20, 2006 at 10:53 pm | Permalink

    So Diane wasn’t impressed by the Sheriff’s candidates that attended the Greensboro College candidate forum? Well at least they showed up. As for BJ’s fundraiser, he chose to have a fundraiser at a southern Guilford County bar that regularly contributes to drunk drivers on our highways. Shortly after his fundraiser, a patron of that bar left, drunk and wrecked in front of my house. She was begging the people who had stopped to help to say that they were driving her car. Of course, there were no takers. Troopers arrested her for DWI and she blew .18. That is more than 2 times the legal limit. What kind of a conflict of interest is that for the county Sheriff. You may ask me how I know all of this. It happened right in front of my house and I was one of the ones she asked to say I was driving her car. By the way, a couple of the others she asked had also just left the bar. As a matter of fact they were bartenders and waitresses there. They were drunk also. That is against the law too.