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Once they found out that their sport-of-choice was being all but eliminated by the city council’s straw poll decision to cut a SportsPlex position, local roller-hockey families are reacting with dismay, disappointment, and head-scratching as to how it all occured.

In the comments at Sandy Carmany’s blog, hockey parent John Wrenn puts it this way…

“Saying you are cutting the positions that will have the least impact is unbelievable. How many other sports in this city could be eliminated by dropping one position. I would venture none.”

I was informed that Ed Hathaway’s position was on the table about a week before the straw vote, but I was also under the impression from some P&R staff that the cut was way off the radar screen.  So I, as a Parks & Rec Commissioner, chose to let sleeping dogs lie.  The surprise decision just proves to me that one should always be vigilent about such things.  Sandy tells how roller hockey got the axe as she responds to comments at her blog

“Please understand that this hoceky (sic) coordinator position was not just targeted “out of the blue” — Parks & Recreation included that program specialist position on its list of proposed cuts, and councilmembers approved the cut. For many of the other proposed cuts on that list, citizens immediately reacted and contacted us BEFORE our last budget work session and were successful in convincing a majority to reject their particular pet project.”

I know many roller hockey families and they are a dedicated lot.  I can assure our city council we would have “immediately reacted” if we had known that the cut was imminent.

The budget vote is not until next Tuesday and it would seem that the roller-hockey-advocating-fat-lady is just warming up.

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  1. Posted June 13, 2006 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    Do you feel the same about the swimming pool complex? Or is this a case of “it matters whose ox is gored?” Hockey is good for the young folks of Greensboro. A major swimming complex is good for all the swimmers and for the economy (so Olympic teams can train here, so events can be hosted here, etc.). I’d like to have both, but is your dismay personal or is it good sense for budget string-tightening?

  2. dhoggard
    Posted June 13, 2006 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    Roller hockey is good for other economies. My eldest is going to Columbia SC this weekend for a national tourney and judging by what it costs for him… multiply that times about a thousand players and their families and I would call that good for Columbia’s economy. In August he will travel to Chicago for another large tournament. The Windy City will get some of the Hoggard’s money as well. Greensboro will only get the hockey shaft.

    Greensboro teams travel to Myrtle Beach, Baltimore and Atlanta and other cities several times per year because they also have facilities capable of hosting large – expensive – multi-day tourneys.

    I support the swimming pool complex. so my ox is just all over the place when it comes to the economy enhancement that comes from sports and I want the “goring” to be kept to a minimum across the board.

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    for immediate release

    Three Greensboro Spyders teams will be heading off to Columbia, SC this week to compete at the National Games hosted by 2Hot4Ice. Dave Burr’s u14 team and Ed Hathaway’s u16 team will be playing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with Ed Hathaway’s u18 team playing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The complete tournament schedule has been posted on the 2Hot4Ice web site (

    This is the first time the Spyders organization has qualified a team for Nationals and to send not one but THREE teams is quite exciting and a testament to the programs depth. In addition to the three Spyders team attending, our good friends, the Carolina Comets u10 team coached by Keith Allen will also be there. Many of the players for the Comets play in the Greensboro Sportsplex roller hockey leagues throughout the year. So in a way you could say that Greensboro will have FOUR teams competing at the National Games! That is FOUR as in the number ’4′ teams who qualified to compete in this most prestigious tournament from a rink so small that it can’t even sanction a tournament let alone host one. From a facility (Greensboro Sportsplex) that is about to cut the hockey director position from the City of Greensboro annual budget. Instead of celebrating our team’s accomplishments we are faced with having to defend the very foundation of our program.

    During the time that our teams are at the National Games they will be representing themselves, their families, the Spyders organization and yes, the City of Greensboro and its citizens. All are in full support of our program with the exception of one, the very officials that represent us in the city we live in! Their public displays of lack of support leave me bewildered and disappointed.

    All I can say is, GOOD LUCK SPYDERS! Go and represent yourselves, your families, your team mates, and your community with great pride. Showing us all the great character and determination against adversity you have been taught by people such as Ed Hathaway. “Play hard and play fair and bring us home some hardware.�

    Jim Joyce
    Greensboro Spyders President
    2801 York House Dr.
    Greensboro, NC 27407

  4. Tom Lewis
    Posted June 14, 2006 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

    Just another person that found a great sport to stay in shape and have a lot of fun in the process. GSO is losing a great man by firing
    ED HATHAWAY. Yes firing not laying off letting go or closing the position GSO you are firing him. WHY?????
    The is a huge lose to the community this man did a lot for the kids, teenagers and adults that participated in this program.
    My buddies and I were playing in a parking lot before we found this program. I guess that is what we are going to have to do to play
    our game. Along with all the kids and teenagers that participated in this program. ED thanks for everything you did you will be missed.
    Tom Lewis

  5. Bill
    Posted June 16, 2006 at 3:33 pm | Permalink

    David, the comments at Sandy’s continue to grow (23 and counting) – if you haven’t stayed current over there, please do so and please continue to highlight the idiocy of eliminating the finest programs in Greensboro, run by one of the finest leaders a kid in this city could hope to run across.

  6. Posted January 12, 2009 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    Re dhoggard’s comments..
    Yes equipment (especially roller hockey skates) can run you up quite the tab, but just thank goodness you don’t have to buy regular hockey equipment. Players on ice have a number of other things to buy that costs parents TONS of dough.

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