Focus people, focus

The comments just keep on coming below Cone’s post suggesting that the surviving CWP participants of the Morningside shootout might want to consider being the first to apologize for their role in that tragedy.  For the record, I think Ed is right on the money.

But many of the comments just keep circling back to some version of ‘they all got what they deserved… let’s move on’.  But then Mr. Sun did what Mr. Sun does when he’s serious about an issue – he cut through the mustard

“Imagine you wake up one sunny November morning and cook breakfast for your young daughter. She’s coloring at the kitchen table. You share a few stories and laughs. She gets up to help you with the dishes, and the sun comes through the kitchen window in front of you. As you hand her a plate to dry, there is a loud crackling sound… (continued)”

Despite claims to the contrary, a new perspective did come – at least for me - from the T&RC report: the perspective of that mother and daughter Sun describes so vividly - which is, of course, metaphor for the neighborhood of Morningside Homes.

If collective Greensboro can’t grasp the impact that day must have had on that mother and daughter, and if we continue refusing to make amends for contributing to their hurt – we prove ourselves to be a heartless community full of selfish people bent solely on covering our own official asses while we ignore the pained voices of the least among us.

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    Though I’m not entirely convinced that the first apology should come from the CWP (One of the many victims.) I do think that the perspective Mr. Sun shares is on target. Mr. Sun totally gets it. It cuts right to the bone. It puts it right in our laps, where it belongs. Sift through the rhetoric and what you have is, “What if this happened to you” and, “Do unto others.”

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    JW, interesting word, “should.”

    I agree that there is much room for discussion about the proper, just, and most humane order of action here.

    But I think it’s clear that something has to jumpstart this part of the process, lest it slide into a series of relatively like-minded people talking to each other while the rest of the city looks elsewhere.

    My suggestion is based on pragmatism. I don’t think it is outrageous or cruel, but I understand it’s asking a lot.

    But a lot is required.

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    Sabbatical. Sabbatical. Sabbatical. Sabbatical. Sabbatical. Ohmmmmmm….

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    it continues to amaze me that people still see the GTRC as something that will level the playing field…it wont.. ..what it did do is add more rumor and confusion and lies to the current police mess…they wanted so badly to be targeted by the racist cops…but they were not… I have said the third Monday night football game the GTRC will be all but forgotten.