Street festival robbery

Can’t say I disagree with Silflay Hakra about Greensboro’s Fun Fourth festival.  Such events need to become a little more festive and a little less gouging of the pocketbook.

I was given $15.00 worth of ‘scrip’ as part of a very gracious ’thank you’ package by Fun Fourth organizers because I ageed to be the emcee for the 10K race that kicked the festival off on Saturday morning. 

Jinni took the kids downtown yesterday afternoon to look around with a strict limit of spending only that scrip.  What they were able to purchase with their $15.00 follows: 1 funnel cake (sugar only), 1 large lemonade, 1 piece of pizza, and 1 small Dr. Pepper.

In year’s past, when the kids were younger and wanted to ride a ride or two and eat a thing or two, (and I’d want a beer or two), we’d blow a big chunk of money down there and feel quite unsatisfied when we got home… broke.

We are waaay over it.

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    My son used to work on Fun Fourth when he was in GYC a long time ago. This has been a perennial complaint (next to parking) – the cost is way above even what a donation plus goods & services should cost. There have never been enough script booths; there have always been complaints about not cashing out (getting money back for unspent script). And prices aren’t clearly posted when you buy the script. It’s reasonable not to have money all over the festival; it’s safer when young folks volunteering aren’t responsible for cash.

    I’ve been to a couple of summer downtown festivals and had a great time; I don’t recall this issue being an issue at some of those events. I think it’s time the group that oversees Fun Fourth have a “come to citizens” meeting to determine what would make the festival better. It’s easy enough to list what we like about other cities’ festivals and borrow some of their best ideas, ya think?

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    “1 funnel cake (sugar only), 1 large lemonade, 1 piece of pizza, and 1 small Dr. Pepper.” for 15 bucks– we’re in the wrong business.

    Oh, and thanks again.

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  1. By Silflay Hraka on July 6, 2006 at 10:09 am

    No Fun Fourth…

    David Hoggard over at Hogg’s Blog didn’t have fun at the Fun Fourth either. Thanks, Sue, for the link. Here’s me returning the favor…….