In Best’s own words

The Carolina Peacemaker printed a Q&A with recently dismissed county manager Willie Best.  One of the questions asked was the obvious one… “Why do you think you were let go?”  Best replied: 

“Well, they wanted to go in a different direction. Working in these conditions, you work at the pleasure of the board. So they’re going to let you go for anything, without any reason at all. I thought I’d done a good job, and they pretty much said so. They wanted to go in a different direction, so I took them at that word, and that’s fine. Once the initial shock is over, you move on. But for most managers, the average is maybe three to four years. If you’re staying a longer time period than that, you’re stagnant or not much is going on.”

No mention of racism.  I wonder if he is just too much of a gentleman to publicly concur with the opinion of Commissioners Alston, Coleman and Davis or, should Guilford’s manager of the past three years simply be taken at his word?

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  1. [...] We were told that the list of six examples of a “culture of racism” listed with the “Declaration Against Intolerable Racism” which are purported to “bear witness to this truth” is going to be added-to during the coming weeks.  I think this is a good idea, but only if such examples clearly demonstrate some form of racism.  At least two of the first six were questionable, at best.  (Willie Best’s own take on his firing is here) [...]