Grimsley vs Western Guilford

That one was easy enough.  The score was 41 to zip going into the fourth quarter when coach Shuping decided to suit up the water boys and trainers lest he be accused of trying to embarass Western Guilford.

Except for their special teams, this year’s Whirlie football squad looked polished, fit, and ready to rock and roll through another excellent season.  Our offensive and defensive lines were a pleasure to watch and are going to be, again, the key to Grimsley’s success. 

My Jackson played well but his presence in the game was a bit distracting.  I found myself keying in so much on his execution of blocking assignments that I missed the larger aspects of the team’s play… like the ball going over the goal line… seemingly at will.

Next week comes North Durham but their first real test will be in two weeks when the Dudley Panthers bring their band and team to Jamieson Stadium.  Grimsley’s full schedule is here.

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  1. John Robinson
    Posted August 19, 2006 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    I watched both the game and your son, Dave, and he and they played well. Of course, I was acting as one of the chain gang on the far sideline so I, too, was distracted. The most amusing thing handling the chains is listening to the talk of the other team. They were impressed by Josh Stewart twice: once when he started as both QB and safety. Then, after the second of his two long runs. “Who is that guy?” one of their players said.

  2. S.DOt
    Posted October 16, 2006 at 8:48 am | Permalink

    Man that game was a fluke Western Guilford is pretty good next year grimsley will suck. Even though they won by a pretty big margin. Grimsley did not get to see 5 of Western Guilford’s starting players due to elgibility issues. ANd by the way your son sucks.

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