Ice house – somebody’s at least listening

“I don’t know the politics… I’m just trying to get someone to listen to my idea…” said the last-Ice-House-suitor-standing to a member of our city council this afternoon. “If the goal is to save the building“, he continued, “then this is the only way I can figure out how to do it.  …a public private partnership.  If the city wants to tear it down, fine, I’ll move on.”  Then, acknowledging the myriad problems that the site and building embody, “I can’t guarantee it will work, but I’m willing to try…”

The potential buyer then went on to outline the rough parameters of his not-so-uncommon ”lease buy back” proposal that got laughed at during Tuesday night’s council meeting.  The council member in the room, however, was not laughing and gave the proposal its due and serious consideration as the sincerity, possibilities, and pitfalls contained in the offer were explained and recognized.

No promises were made… by buyer nor ‘seller’… but at least the right questions have been asked by a sharp, but skeptical, elected official - who will ask the right questions of others over the next several days.

“In reality, the building may now be too far gone“, the buyer stated flatly, “but in three years, no one else has come up with a way to solve the many problems involved, save the building, and get the city some of its money back.”  “It’s not a perfect solution, and it may not work“, he confessed, “…but it is a solution, I’d at least like to find out why it won’t work.”

We left it at that, and I’d call it progress.

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