Fan without a game

Help a brother out here.  What does the rest of the world do on Friday nights in the fall if they don’t go to high school football games?  Grimsley has tonight open and Jinni and I are kinda lost as to what the options are.

Might be a good night for “dots“.

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  1. Mebane
    Posted September 22, 2006 at 10:59 am | Permalink

    Wow, Hoggards at home on a Friday! What is the world coming to? I see “Dots” and a drink in the future.

  2. Mike K.
    Posted September 22, 2006 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    If you haven’t checked it out yet, the improv comedy club (the Idiot Box) is a great place for a lot of laughs at pretty much the expense of everything. They have family shows (more mild language and suggestions) and a more mature audience show, both on Friday evenings. The cost is reasonable ($8 for adults I think) and the location should be convenient (S. Elm St. & February One Place). Their website is We’d like to go more often than we do (babysitters are expensive, particularly if they’re just there for our son to continue sleeping peacefully) but we have had a blast when we did go.

  3. Posted September 22, 2006 at 4:08 pm | Permalink

    No scouting? Oh yeah, you’ve been warned to stay off our campus! Have you ever wondered where all the creative pranksters have gone?

  4. Posted September 22, 2006 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    Damn, wish I’d read this earlier. We could have shot some pool, drunk some beer and hung out at my usual haunt, from which I’ve just returned.

  5. Posted September 23, 2006 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    …a few candles
    ….need I say more….

    Have a great weekend

  6. Wayne R.
    Posted September 25, 2006 at 7:40 am | Permalink

    Don’t know why you didn’t drag everyone down to Minj for wings & things.

    What’s happened to your spontaneity, Hogg??

  7. Posted September 25, 2006 at 10:08 am | Permalink

    I invited you to Graham’s b day party.

  8. Posted September 25, 2006 at 12:56 pm | Permalink

    Read any good books lately?

  9. holly
    Posted September 26, 2006 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

    Idiot Box is fun and inexpensive…
    disco bowling, darts, pool, movies/videos, poker with friends, playstation, drinks, porch swingin, bedroom olympics, forking mebane’s yard…(love u mebane!…:)