Grimsley 42 – North Forsyth 12

If the Whirlies can figure out how to get their motors properly warmed up in advance of the opening kick-off, they will become a ‘take-no-prisoners’ kind of team.  But in any case, we are now at 7 wins with no losses (2-0 in conference play) and ranked #7 among all NC football teams (including Duke, I believe)

In similar fashion to the scare that Page H.S. served up to the Whirlies last Friday, N. Forsyth rolled up 12 points while Grimsley was still adjusting their jock straps in preparation to actually play football tonight. The Vikings had their way until, finally, Coach Shuping’s charges had everything properly adjusted and came to the realization that the game had started without them.

Then, about half way through the first quarter, it was ‘Katie, bar the door’.

The Whirlies have this magical, slight-of-hand, inside option play that is a wonder to watch and, apparently, almost impossible to defend against.  My Jack says the play is dubbed ‘midline’ because all of the critical action occurs within the center of the offensive line.  Due to the play’s highly complicated and murderously effective blocking assignments, the quarterback generally finds his way to the endzone at its conclusion.  Both our quarterbacks, Josh Stewart and Zach Maynard, scored on the  ’midline’ play tonight.  I wouldn’t be surprised if nearly half the season’s scoring has been from that one play.  It is wonderful to watch but a real head-scratcher to figure out from the stands.

Anyway… the Whirlies scored 42 unanswered points after their first quarter wake-up call.  They completely ruined N. Forsyth’s homecoming.  Sorry ’bout that, but someone engaged in some bad scheduling for the Vikings.

On a related note: Charlotte Independence attained their 99th consecutive win tonight with a 62-0 victory over Ardrey-Kell.

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  1. david
    Posted October 8, 2006 at 1:30 am | Permalink

    First, congrats to Grimsley on excellent play, but to stomp NF is nothing special. Even for homecoming. I remember one year Page stomped to the tune of fifty-something to… was it 3? No, too much credit, I think it was zip! South Stokes got scheduled for a few years after that fiasco.