Another Aycock Acheivement

Last night the Guilford county Board of Commissioners awarded an $18,000 grant to the Charles B. Aycock Neighborhood Association.  This amount is to be used to repay the remainder of the loan given to Aycock by Preservation Greensboro’s Revolving Fund back in August 2002 that helped finance our neighborhood design “charette” that was headed by Philip Bess.

This is the culmination of follow through efforts by Commissioner Mike Barber to help Aycock out.  Read about how this came about.

The original $20,000 was sought because Aycock was coming up short on the $70,000 contract to develop our master plan for the neighborhood including the War Memorial Stadium renovation plans.  Ten residents, including yours truly, signed the contract personally guaranteeing that the debt would be repaid.

The 6-5 vote of the Commissioners was a bit contentious.  Commissioner Carolyn Coleman pulled the item from the “consent agenda” and questioned why the amount was being drawn from the discretionary fund.  Commissioner Thigpen responded that he thought it was appropriate especially in light of the fact that it was a $4.5M appropriatian from that same fund (for the new DSS building) that started this whole thing.  Thigpen offered that the $4.5M “did great harm” to Aycock and that the $18,000 grant was the right thing to do.

In a distributed email, Aycock President David Wharton wrote this morning, “I don’t think I need to tell you what a heavy burden this lifts off the shoulders of our hardworking fundraisers.  What a remarkable month — and year! — this has been for the neighborhood.

The Aycock Neighborhood bake sales may now be scaled back a bit.

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