Isn’t it just a matter of convenience at this point?

I’ve got a hankerin’ to go out tomorrow and make 400 copies of the RMA report and stack them up on my front porch.  Then I’ll post a map to my home address and tell people they can come by and pick them up for free.

Is there any legal or ethical difference between what I’m contemplating and the report’s appearance yesterday on  (Roch is reporting over 400 downloads so far)

Update: Zark weighs in…

“This incident merely poses the questions in a real-world setting. I’ve no clue about the political ramifications of this for the city of Greensboro, but I can sure see the results it’s having on the blogging community and its audience’s views on media integrity. I don’t begin to have the answers. But if  we have any hope of using the Web as an outlet for credible, authentic journalism, we’d better start finding some.”

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    That’s exactly what I was thinking. JR has problems with the doc’s provenance. I wonder if Jerry & The Hammers are as squeamish?