On public access of the RMA report


Let me make one thing really clear. I did not post the RMA report online. Yes it is true that I got the report before any other blogger did. N&R got it, then WFMY got it, then WGHP, then I got it. After that it just gets really confusing.

Ben speaks the truth.

I spoke with Rhino publisher Willy Hammer last Thursday morning and he said he had a copy even then.  I have heard from others that the RMA report’s particulars were old news way before last weekend’s mass distribution.

The report was introduced into the public domain back in May, but it was only getting read by certain people in certain circles.  Now it is widely available in both electronic and print form for everyone to read and digest and that seems to be a good thing overall.

Last night, immediately following FOX8′s report on Greensboro101and the RMA report, Neil McNeil flowed right into the follow-up segment which was about the suspension of GPD Asst. Chief Annie Stephenson. (not online)

Having already interviewed Councilwoman Carmany about the Greensboro101 controversy, reporter Caron Myers then asked Sandy about the reasons behind Stephenson’s suspension.

Sandy stammered for only a second and then said something like this (not verbatim), “Now that the report is available, people can figure that out for themselves.” 

I sensed a slight nervous smile as Sandy realized the irony contained in what she had just said.

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    My impression of Sandy is very positive. I don’t agree with what has happened with Wray and almost hope that I am wrong. If the council is right…great…if not…perhaps Johnson needs to be replaced.