Mitch Johnson, in his own words

Shortly after I read the RMA report, I called City Manager Mitch Johnson for some timeline clarification on events and statements that lead up to David Wray’s resignation.  Johnson and I spoke for a long time as I scribbled notes and asked questions – all of which he answered in a straightforward manner within the limitations of the ongoing investigations into the GPD.

While I had every intention of turning that conversation into a post here, time got away from me and I never got around to it.  Turns out I didn’t have to.

The Troublemaker has posted a copy of Johnson’s communique to city employees that pretty much follows what he imparted to me a couple of weeks ago.  While I’ll have a few details to add later, like how the press found out that Wray’s locks were being changed, but for now it would be a good idea for those who are interested in hearing accounts from all sides of this never-ending saga to read what Johnson has to say.

Page 1, page 2, page 3.  All courtesy of Ben Holder. Update: Councilwoman Carmany has Johnson’s statement in a more user-friendly format.

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    I’ve posted that same communique over at my place in an easier-to-read format:

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    oh sandy how nice!

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    Cone and Hoggard discuss Johnson’s statement. Wow!

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    Are you upset or something with either Ben or Hogg?…similar to yourself though…not that anyone really cares…

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    [...] I don’t have “free access to him“, Jerry, but he obviously has free access to this weblog.  (They’re kinda cool that way, you ought to try it).  My “special relationship with Mitchell Johnson” extends all the way to a single phone call which, I believe, you have made on occasion to him as well and which any citizen can do.  I can’t help you with what might or might not constitute a “gag order” violation, but James’ original, unsolicited comment might have to do with the fact that I am having a conversation here, not giving a lecture. [...]