Grimsley 28 – East Forsyth 0

They are the champions.jpgFor the first time in their 100+ year history, Grimsley High’s football team went 11-0 for the season with last night’s win over East Forsyth.

The N&R’s Kellie Dixon filed this report that doesn’t touch much on the particulars of the game, but focused on what Coach Shuping and the team face in the upcoming playoffs.  That is fitting.

One of the things she reported was this…

“…But before Shuping addressed his now three-time Metro 4-A champions, he paused to warn his youngest son, Nick, who was standing near an open Gatorade water cooler with a friend.  They were ready to celebrate Grimsley’s third straight Metro 4-A title and the school’s first undefeated season since 1961.Jesse and water.jpg

But Shuping wasn’t having it, especially with Friday’s frigid temperatures.  “That water better be poured out of that bucket!” Shuping shouted at the grinning duo.

The other half of that “grinning duo” was my 12-year-old Jesse looking all innocent standing next to the bucket in this photo. (click to biggerize all photos)

Jack, proud.jpgThe pairings for the upcoming playoffs will be announced later today and it is very likely that the Whirlies will be on a collision course with Charlotte Independence who hasn’t lost a game since God was a child.  Bring ‘em on.IMG_2729.JPG

It is going to be quite a ride for (hopefully) the next five Friday nights.  I hope that quarterback Josh Stewart is right when he said to Dixon, “We haven’t reached our potential just yet. But we’re getting there.”

Getting there has been a lot of fun.  Thanks for sticking it out, Jackson.  We are damn proud of you.

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  1. Posted November 4, 2006 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    I’m proud of Grimsley for its most recent accomplishment (sports, this time) and for all of the young ‘uns in town who’ve come together over the Eastern HS tragedy. It’s a great town.

  2. Eric
    Posted November 8, 2006 at 7:48 pm | Permalink

    Im sorry to burst all of yalls buble but I have bad news Grimsley has to play Butler Highschool earyly in the playoffs and there is no chance in the WORLD that yall will be able to beat them they are the best of the best and im going to be there watching them destroy yalls players