Whirlies seeded #2

The pairings for the 2006 state football championship playoffs are up.  This year Grimsley is in the West 4-AA division, and is the #2 seed behind Charlotte’s Independence High.

The NC High School Athletic Association lists Grimsley as having 1915 students (PDF file) which bumped them into the higher 4 double-a bracket.  This a bit strange because the all-important 10-day attendance figures show them with only 1804 students, which would have kept them in 4 single-A.  But… whatever…

The Whirlies will play Charlotte Meyers Park this Friday at home.  They will retain the home field as long as they keep winning, all the way up until they – hopefully – get the chance to play Independence for state semi-finals on Charlotte turf in four week’s time.

Go Whirlies.

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