Catching up… one issue at a time

Boy howdy… do I ever have some catching up to do.  I don’t have time enough to post everything I have to say about everything that has transpired during my absence, but I do want to respond to Jerry Bledsoe’s sideways and ill-informed compliment in the comments to this post.

I didn’t know much about police Lt. Brian James until he commented on my October 14th post about the RMA report.  Many days after an exchange between Councilwoman Carmany and Ben Holder in those comments, James weighed in on Holder’s allegation about who informed who of secret recordings that were made of certain members of the black community.  Lt. James said (last comment)…

“Ben, I did not inform any citizens that they had been secretly taped. Please verify your information.”

After getting notification of James’ comment, I sent him an email saying…

“Brian,  Thanks for the post. I’m afraid that this post is so old that no one will likely see your comments… but they should.  I’d be happy to make a new post to clear this up. Could you please expand on your role, or lack of, in what Ben attributed to you?…”

It took a few days, but Lt. James responded – in an email.  I posted his response in the comments.  James said, in part…

“Ben had previously told city leaders that I attended a meeting at a church where I informed citizens that they had been secretly recorded. I sent an e-mail to them (city leaders) several months ago informing them that I attended no such meeting and Ben was also informed of that….”

Following that comment, Bledsoe gave me the compliment – sort of…

I’m impressed. Obviously, your special relationship with Mitchell Johnson grants you privileges that journalists and others are not allowed.

You can ask questions of police officers about the ongoing investigation of the department, and the officers you ask apparently are exempt from the gag order imposed on all officers by the city.

Brian James is a central figure in the police department scandal, but he is free to talk to you while the officers who had no choice but to investigate him and are now being punished aren’t allowed to speak to anybody but their lawyers about what is happening to them. They can’t even talk about it to their wives or their mothers. (And perhaps not to council members, I’ve heard.)

I have a lot of questions for Brian James. Since you have free access to him and he has an exemption that other officers don’t, can I submit my questions through you and expect answers?

I don’t have “free access to him“, Jerry, but he obviously has free access to this weblog.  (They’re kinda cool that way, you ought to try it).  My “special relationship with Mitchell Johnson” extends all the way to a single phone call which, I believe, you have made on occasion to him as well and which any citizen can do.  I can’t help you with what might or might not constitute a “gag order” violation, but James’ original, unsolicited comment might have to do with the fact that I am having a conversation here, not giving a lecture.

Councilwoman Carmany’s subsequent comments might clear things up about the gag order. But in the meantime, if you have additional questions for anyone, please post them here and we’ll see what happens.

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    Welcome back and sorry about the stadium.

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    bledsoe’s such a drama queen.