What if it was my kids?

Update: In the comments to one one Ben’s posts, Sharon Reynolds, a nurse who cared for one of the Williams children in the hospital writes…

“…She told me it was a dream of hers to become a divorce lawyer. She stated she was working hard to make good grades at her High School so she can get into a good University. She is ambitious and courageous.

Her tragic story pulled at my heart strings… I feel that setting up a scholarship fund in her name is the least we can do…

…The scholarship fund cannot be set up until custody is settled. I will keep (you) updated.”


The killing of a mother and the egregious injuries to her three children on Tuesday is shocking.  Putting my family in that family’s place, I can’t even imagine what the children of Lavelle Williams have gone through.  But the hard part is yet to come.

Picture your child in the place of Williams’ “uninjured” five year-old son who witnessed his mom getting killed and his sisters getting stabbed.

The N&R reports that Williams and her children moved here from NJ three years ago and I can only hope that they have family close by because those kids will need loving, familial parenting and an extraordianary level of psychological intervention for the rest of their lives.

We, as a community, need to see to it that the three Williams children get what they need, both emotionally and financially, both short term and long-term.  Ben Holder is counting on this community to help in anyway possible and I think we should. 

If this had been your family or mine, the Community Foundation would likely have already set up a coordinated relief effort and local banks would be accepting donations at every branch to provide for our kids.  But as it is, for now, three children are hanging by a thread in a community that is rich in its history of helping the disadvantaged.

We need to do something here, Greensboro.

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    I would like to ask you what you think of a vigil type gathering Sunday to get the ball rolling. Her funeral is Sunday in NJ.

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    That is very sad. Please let us know when a fund is set up.

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    If you have kids, go give ‘em a hug. And then check to make sure you have a will and that if both you and your spouse should die, directions for the care of your kids are clear and unmistakable. My daughter asked me that about a year ago out of the blue. I was happy to be able to tell her what would happen, and she seemed relieved by my answer.

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