Life is good, except for that stadium vote

It could be because I have let this blog to lanquish for a time, but my N&R column ended up coming across like three separate blog posts this week: One about Jinni, one about War Memorial Stadium and, of course, I had to mention Grimsley football.

I really am trying to get back to blogging but I’ve been running all over the state submitting new bids and looking after the three projects Double Hung - my window restoration company – is currently involved in.

Until I resume blogging at a normal pace, a reprint from today’s N&R will just have to suffice…


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By David Hoggard

News & Record 11/21/06 

Forgive me if I ramble, but we have a little catching up to do.

What’s up with Jinni?
It only happens about as often as blue moons appear, but tomorrow, November 23rd, Macy’s will host a helium-enhanced, overly commercialized parade coincidental to my 51st birthday.  Later in the day, scores of millionaires will don football pads for our overstuffed viewing pleasure.  All of that just to help mark the end of my fiftieth year.

OK, maybe they already had that stuff planned, but still… I’m thankful for fifty-one healthy years, and the health of someone else.

A year ago the Hoggard family had just found shelter from a raging storm and we were pretty beat up because of it.  My Jinni had just completed a year’s worth of hell while getting rid of breast cancer.

With the first of at least five years’ worth of vigilance for the disease’s return under our belts, I am quite thankful to report that all is well.  Although my girlfriend can’t completely let down her guard until 2010, tomorrow my family will celebrate a year of welcomed normalcy.

Thanks to everyone for your continued inquiries, thoughts, and prayers.

Stadium Bond Requiem
To the majority of Greensboro voters who recently rejected the bond to renovate War Memorial Stadium, I say, “Thanks for nuthin’.�

I suppose local preservationists should quit with the illusions that most folks actually care about our architectural history enough to spend money on such frivolities as a deteriorating public building.  But I also suppose voters are just following the past leadership of city government who has only allotted enough money over the past twenty-five years to keep the stadium’s playing field grass green and manicured.

City leaders say they remain committed to preserving and improving our National Registry property.  I sincerely hope that is true in the future because it sure hasn’t been in the past.  The bill for decades of deferred maintenance is way past due on our Yanceyville Street landmark.  It will take some uncharacteristic preservation-minded leadership from our City Council to keep that stadium out of the landfill.

So I am thankful, in advance, for the leadership that must emerge to save a huge part of Greensboro’s history.  Despite voter apathy, we still need to renovate War Memorial Stadium.

Whirlie pride
Although sports related topics aren’t normal fare for the opinion page, my last bit of thankfulness goes out to my son, Jackson, who has been part of the winningest football team ever to play for 105 year-old Grimsley High School. 

Although our senior lineman won’t realize it for several years, having been a part of his school’s first 11-0-0 regular season will become a main point of pride no matter what accomplishments he attains for the rest of his life.

Hailing from a small Kentucky high school, the football team on which I played for four years never had a winning season, much less the heady experiences Grimsley’s program has experienced over the past couple of years.  To say I have been living vicariously through my Jack on Friday nights is an understatement.

A state championship appearance last year and an historic, but thwarted, run toward another one this year is life-defining stuff.  Jack learned what hard work and the right mixture of dedication and clearly defined goals can accomplish.  I am proud of my eldest and his team for being the champions they are and thankful to their coaches for instilling into their charges what excellence is all about.

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  1. Posted November 22, 2006 at 9:34 am | Permalink

    Prayers are with you and family.

    I guess private funding for the old stadium is out.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Posted November 22, 2006 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

    That should be the end of your 51st year, correct? Damn, senility at 51.

    Happy Birthday, Hogg!!

  3. Gene Hoggard
    Posted November 24, 2006 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

    Of course I called you to wish you a happy birthday on the 23rd, but I had to harken back to that night in November in 1957 when that red and white Impala made it the ten miles to the hospital in record time. When we we made it to the Hospital, I had to carry your mother up the steps and into the hospital, place her on a bed, and help a nurse find an MD. While we were searching for an MD, out you popped, in an unaided birth. Lo and behold. after your sudden birth, we found an MD asleep in a room across the hall from your mother. Everything has gone great since that trying night. Thought you readers might want to know some of your past history. Dad