Conflict?… what conflict?

Great investigative report (not yet posted) tonight by WXII (Winston Salem) about Ann Scott Fulton and her dual roles that reek of a conflict of interest even though she exonerates (PDF File) herself of any such conflict at each Commission meeting. 

She was appointed as acting chair of the N.C. Alchohol Beverage Control Commission in July 2001 after being the NCABC‘s General Council for many years.  She is also reportedly a head official with a leading N.C. alcohol beverarage trade association (no linked info found… yet). 

Her attitude on the piece by WXII’s Bill O’Neil was very cavalier. Raleigh attorney and commissioner Fulton sighted her “busy schedule” as the reason why she has not been available for an interview for the last couple of weeks… and won’t be available except for emails in the foreseeable future.

Obviously p.o’ed, WXII investigated Fulton’s public records regarding her “busy schedule” and reported that she has made many tax-payer funded visits to various resorts and hotels around the nation during her tenure as acting chair of the NCABC so she could keep up with the dizzying litany of breaking events in the world of beverage distillation.  The title above the U.S. map showing Fulton’s many junkets bore the title “Fulton’s Busy Schedule“.  I don’t think that O’Neil and WXII are quite through with her yet.

Is it just me or is print and TV reporting just getting better in the Piedmont?  I hope they keep it up.

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