Memo to GC principals: Keep your head down and your school average

Now that we’ve learned that Grimsley’s 86.4% graduation rate bested Dudley’s 2006 rate by 38 percentage points, we might finally be getting a hint as to why Rob Gasparello was ubruptly removed last month as Grimsley’s very popular (and obviously successful) principal.

In fine Guilford County tradition, any school that academically outshines its peers is in equal peril for central office meddling and leveling as our lowest performing schools.

Related Development: In other GCS news, an alert Ed Cone reader makes a logical observation about a stupid educational policy that defies logic.

Sorry Gaspy, you obviously didn’t get the memo that all things must remain equal hereabouts or gnashing of teeth will ensue.

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  1. debora mauser
    Posted December 8, 2006 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    I understood that the principal at Grimsley was changed due to questionable policies or the lack there of– kids driving his car during school hours, selling chick-fil-a, adding soda machines etc. All against policy, rules and common sense. On the flip side, I had heard as many good things about Gasperilo (SP?)- but obviously we will never know the true reason, other than it was political.

    If you look farther into the scores you will note that Grimsley and Dudley grad. rates were very skewed in 04, 05, 06. There was some redistricting in that time that could have made Grimsley grad rate drop in 05, and Dudley’s rise.. then in 06 it was totally reversed.

    We have to realize that not all kids will graduate, but we have to do something to get more of them to get a quality education- to be self supporting. If not, then society will pay for their lack of preparation, whether through welfare, social programs or building new jails. It would be better for everyone, and cheaper if we could figure out how to teach all to read and write and add at a bare minimum!

  2. Posted December 11, 2006 at 2:26 pm | Permalink

    So Guilford Co. is concerned about the dwindling graduation rate. And their answer? More money…they’re talking about a new bond referendum….it’s disgusting how our taxpayer money is being wasted. Go to if you’re fed up. I just declared my candidacy last week to run for the at-large position on the Guilford School Board in 2008. I invite your readers to visit, sign my guestbook, review my positions, read published statements and I hope to have your support as we begin to put a grass-roots campaign to take out Dot Kearns and take back our school board.