The Sunday paper it was not

Update 12/21: John Robinson ‘splains it all.


Was it just me or was the N&R a little thin in content, bereft of advertising and heavier on their paper stock this morning?

Took me forever to find the “B” section.  Finally discovered it neatly tucked away inside the four-page “A” section.

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    Yep – we noticed that too. The masthead logo and many of the photos were very pixellated as well. After wondering about it for around 10 minutes, we finally noticed a small blurb at the top of the front page saying it was due to “technical difficulties”. My guess is their press broke and they had to have it printed off-site.

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    You wake up like I do, eh? Feel the paper prior to reading it? Took me 1/2 a cup of coffee to read the notice on the front page.

  4. Mebane
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    Noticed the paper issues immediatley, different paper, different print and different photos but never saw the notice. Thanks for the update.