I’ll get it done

Over at the News & Record, Allen Johnson and staff are staying on top of the City’s committments regarding the future of War Memorial Stadium, post referendum.

Allen called me the day before the piece ran but I didn’t get the message until late Wednesday night.  My guess is that he was looking for an update on my efforts at bringing private funding to bear on the future of the Stadium but because I was not able to get back with him he was only able to report my initial efforts:

Aycock resident David Hoggard has announced plans to begin a fund to help preserve the ballpark. Hoggard suggests that the Community Foundation might administer such a fund, and he already has begun to solicit private donors, among them Jim Melvin of the Bryan Foundation.”

Full disclosure:  There would be little to report other than the initial effort.  Since my idea was first reported I have made scant effort to follow through except for a great conversation with Cemela Foundation head Priscilla Taylor a couple of weeks ago.

Since the election I have attempted to concentrate more on making money than news. Last night, my lovely and talented wife Jinni strongly suggested that I get back to pushing some of my community activities along and I agree.  Underlying her urging is the fact that if I don’t follow through, the initial effort will be considered a hollow campaign ploy, which it was not.

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