The Hammers and me

In the interest of full disclosure and sincere appreciation for decisive action by John Hammer….

Yes, it is true… my shop is located in the basement of the Rhino Times’ new World Headquarters and their editor-in-chief is my hero for chasing away the thieves who were going after my stuff. 

John and Willy Hammer contacted me back in July to fix the windows and doors in their then-recently-purchased 1922 ‘Irvin Arcade’ building across from the Old County Courthouse on East Market Street and I was happy to do so.  After completing the work on our initial contract, several other projects were identified as needing to be done before move-in.  Once we agreed to a price for the add-on stuff, we worked out a deal on rent for the basement space that was favorable to all.  (Edited – the negotiations closely resembled what Percy Walker describes in the comments below except for a few details).

As old buildings go, more things keep getting added to the list as their move in date approaches.  (Currently in February – but fluid).

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    Bartering, before tax attorneys, was a well-respected practice (and still is). Business is business.

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    Mr. Hoggard — For tax reasons I think it would be wise for you to revise this post to say that you were stiffed on payment and that, in addition, they are charging you an unreasonable rent for your new space. You guys could work out what that “rent” will be in an “arm’s length negotiation.”

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell you here as long as you also understand that I am not telling you to break the law!

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