A story worth following

I cried the other night. And once it started, it was primal.”

Billy sent me a link to Prisoner of the War on Drugs and I must say, the author’s story is as compelling as anything I’ve ever read on a weblog.

Through a series of events, a self-described former heroin addict got herself caught up in a drug running operation.  Her claims of innocence are peppered with realizations that she was also quite naive and, in her words, “stupid” – especially when the FBI came calling.  She writes that her biggest mistake was telling the truth without the aid of an attorney

She now finds herself facing three years in the Federal pen but it could be worse.  She is cooperating with the government by: “…making drug buys for the feds. This sucks, but it is taking serious time off of my sentence“.  Her mother is, of course, devastated and she’s preparing her friends for her impending extended absence by lying to them… I’m telling my friends that I’m moving to California to work on a movie.”

The woman’s blog is only four posts deep and I’d imagine she started it to get the story off her anonymous chest and into our minds.  But those four entries resound with an amazing amount of sincerity, drama, honesty and reality.  Read the whole thing.

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    CondemmedGirl sends her thanks and so do I.