Killian takes you there

Read what N&R reporter Joe Killian has to say about Thursday’s anti-war protest downtown, which he was covering for the print edition.

What I am quite impressed with is Joe’s description of the professionalism of our police during a time of great stress and volatility.  An exchange between a wet-behind-the-ears protester and one of Greensboro’s finest crystalizes that for me…

…”THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT,” one of them screamed into the face of an officer trying to push the crowd onto the sidewalk. “YOU WANT TO BEAT US AND ARREST US! THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED THE WHOLE TIME!”

“I want you to stay on the sidewalk,” the officer said deadpan.”

I agree with Cone,  “…This is great journalism; why the N&R doesn’t post it online is beyond me.”

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  1. Posted January 13, 2007 at 12:36 pm | Permalink

    Volatile: Tending to violence; explosive: a volatile situation with troops and rioters eager for a confrontation

    Thanks, David. Just another piece of the pie in my thoughts on civil disobedience and non-violence. The protesters are claiming they were “non-violent.” I have to disagree. Non-violence is more than just whether or not a person hits someone. Being “non-violent” means being non-violent in thought, word and deed. The demonstrators were not non-violent.

    My opinions column in The Carolinian will deal with this subject. “Tears for Greensboro: Have we lost the vision of non-violent social change?”

    Greensboro has a deep history of non-violent social change and social movements. Where has that vision gone? Can we get it back?

  2. The CA
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    For once, I agree with Joe, Ed, Hoggard and Matt Hill Comer at the same time on all points.

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    Yeah… I’m usually not too off with Joe, Ed and David, but CA… we hardly ever agree.

    By the way… I’ve gotten over that stupid little squable we had. You aren’t blocked from making comments on my site now (note… it has changed to

    The same rules that Ed has instituted about substantive discussion, however, do apply also to my site.

    We should get lunch sometime CA.


  4. The CA
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    Thanks for the olive branch, Matt. Peace.