Confusing criticism

I loved the opening line in a letter to the editor in yesterday’s N&R from a fan out of Apex.  He was addressing last week’s column

“I am glad that your column (David Hoggard) comes with a picture of you smiling, because you are definitely a joke…”

But from there, I’m afraid I was lost.  Especially with this wondrous statement…

“…Anyone who knows the history of the racial relationships in the city of Greensboro also knows the race card is comparable to the big joker in a spades game.”

What does that mean?

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  1. Posted February 10, 2007 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    I took it to mean that race relations are a wild card? Or maybe a joke? I thought his letter was vague and hard to understand, and this is from someone who has slogged their way through hundreds of pages of political theory and an entire semester of a race and ethnicity in politics course.

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    Or that even factually inaccurate or wildly metaphoric anomalies can get published in the LTE to generate ‘discussion’?

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    Dude’s from Apex. You’ll need a translator.

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    Y’all aint never busted no spades huh? the big joker dont lose. it is the most powerful card in the game. I been bustin spades a long time. The big joker is the king baby. cant beat the big joker. so…the race card is the most powerful card is what he is saying. hoog u aint busted spades?

  5. dhoggard
    Posted February 10, 2007 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

    The joker is not used in the game of spades I have played for decades.

    I think Roch has it nailed.

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    The Big Joker is used in spades. Maybe you play a different kind of spades? Boring spades? Slow spades? Short spades? You obviously do not have all of the spade documentation david..I have played tons of spades…and boy do I love it! It is a game that us full of trash talking chatter….one can slap cards down….talk junk….man I love it..and when i have the big joker…lord have mercy….I hold it…and hold it…and then….booooyahhhhhhh….down it comes..down it comes like Mitch locking wray out of his office..sometimes I dance around like Deion Sanders..I have been known to kiss it and sing before dropping ever so gently on the table…I have stuck it on my head…The Big Joker makes spades so much FUN! Roch had it nailed..I translated…dont take my word Roch…Sue…go to the addy above…and david…one day…or the next time we go to twiggy’s…we will play spades with the big joker…David, not everyone can be Ben Holder. But at least you can read his blog!

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    Who is Deion Sanders? Forgot about complete reporting for Roch.