Double Hung – The Western Division

I neglected mention that my window restoration company, Double Hung, landed the Blannahasset Island School project up in Marshall, NC.  I signed the contracts on Monday and we start today.

Continuing the inexorable march toward our western expansion, this project shows that before long we will be covering Dixie like the dew.

I have made a leap of sorts and decided not to manage the day-to-day operations of the Island School.  I’ve turned the project over to my right-hand-woman Saundra Kenney who has worked with me for nearly 10 years.  She lives just down the road from Asheville, in Candler, and has been commuting off the mountain to work for way too long.  She is pleased as punch to be able to stay home on her farm for the next four or five months until the school is completed.  I’ll probably drive up there once every couple of weeks and work towards keeping her newly-formed crew in that area permanently.

On a related note:  My Jinni was recognized for her four years at Preservation Greensboro, Inc. last night during their annual meeting at Starmount Country Club.  She has put in her notice and is coming to work with me as soon as she can find and train her replacement.  With the explosive growth my company is currently enjoying, her legendary organizational abilities are sorely needed.

Starnes Jewelry and Opera HouseRelated to the related notes:  I also signed on Monday to complete a second Albemarle, NC project.  Starnes Jewelry occupies the first floor of the 100 year-old Albemarle Opera House on Main Street.  It is a gem of a building with a 800 seat auditorium on the second a third floors that not even the locals know about because it hasn’t been used in over 50 years.

More pictures to come.

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    That’s terrific, David. I’m delighted to see your successes — Jinni’s too. Couldn’t be happening to a nicer couple.

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