A new voice in Greensboro politics

Local billionarie Percy Walker has employed a new voice in local politics: The Denigrator. (Get it?)

In his debut, this man of great swagger and few words has looked into the background of our finest (and only) blogging councilwoman and declares… “Carmany is a liar“.

Update: The Denigrator’s evidence of Carmany’s alleged lie about her age has now been updated on the Councilwoman’s website.  This is, no doubt, adding fuel to the ”Sandy haters” club.  But now, Mr. Sun has weighed in among the commenters with a fresh, new rumor that I add to the agenda to be addressed by local bloggers this Friday

I’m told that Sandy wanted to say she was 19, but Mitch Johnson overruled her and negotiated it up to 251.”

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  1. Posted February 18, 2007 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    Like I have said on many occasions….There are two things in life that you can be certain of…there is a Ben Holder…and you are not him…..

  2. Sandy Carmany
    Posted February 18, 2007 at 12:40 pm | Permalink


    Thanks for bring this hilarious typo to my attention. I posted the following clarification over at Percy’s place:


    No,I’m not really that old and trying to inflate my experience factor — that’s just how old I feel sometimes! {smile}

    Thanks for bringing this error to my attention — checked my profile for the first time since I put it up there and found the error — wrong year for my birthdate (but even with poor typing, not sure how I typed it that far off!). All fixed now — my true age is now out there for all to see.

    (As if it was a secret anyway — when campaign season rolls around, the N&R always identifies one as “candidate name, age XX. My age has been public knowledge since 1991.)