Meanwhile, in another mid-sized southern city…

You think Greensboro’s elected officials are problematic?  We hardly rate when compared to Jackson, MS.

First, Jackson’s Mayor Frank Melton was arrested for, among other things, using a sledge hammer to demolish a “drug house” and carrying a concealed weapon on school grounds.  But he just wouldn’t adhere to the terms of his plea-bargained curfew and kept doing some bizarre stuff with the TV cameras rolling. (09/06 NPR coverage here)

After a judge revoked Melton’s probation, the mayor of Mississippi’s capitol city decided that would be a good time to check himself into a hospital for heart bypass surgery – in Texas.  After his recuperation took more time than normal, the Texas hospital released him. The mayor went home causing his locater bracelet to send a signal to the Jackson police that it was time to bring him in.  Seeing the writing on the wall, Melton surrendered to the authorities.  

A “special judge” was initially appointed by the state Supreme Court due the volatility of the case. Then, according to the local Clarion-Ledger, “… the state Supreme Court removed Circuit Judge Tomie Green on Thursday. At the same time, the court nullified the warrant Green had signed for Melton’s arrest on the alleged probation violations.”

Greensboro’s local politics is simply boring… relatively speaking.

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