Help a columnist out…

I’ve got another column to write for the N&R which will appear on Wednesday.  While I have a few things on my mind I would like to expand upon, I’m also open to suggestions.

My Jinni suggested that I write about the Whirlie Girls loss in the state championship last night, which we attended.  But I’m afraid I would be more critical of the game than a Grimsley fan ought to be.  The way I saw it, Grimsley didn’t get beaten; they lost the game.  They broke a lot of blue-beating hearts in the process. (Covered but unposted by N&R)

Anyway… here’s your opportunity to influence public opinion second hand.  The floor is open to suggestion.

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  1. Posted March 11, 2007 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    maybe you should write a lil about why it is important for greesnboro to hire a new chief from the outside…and how he or she….sarcastically saying she…cuz gso is no where near ready for a female chief of police…..should bring in a hand picked command staff from the outside….what they got now aint workin

  2. Wendell Sawyer
    Posted March 11, 2007 at 3:28 pm | Permalink


    I have an idea that imight be an interesting topic:

    As we all know, lawyers (including me) are everywhere. Today, it seems that new law schools are opening on a regular basis all over the nation. Since 1975, three additional law schools (Campbell, Elon, and Charlotte) have opened in North Carolina alone. However, the same can’t be said of medical schools.

    As I recall, there has been only one new medical school opened in North Carolina since the 1970s and that school, located at East Carolina, is small and has a limited number of spaces for applicants.

    Many of us have read stories about the shortage of medical doctors in our country and the looming medical crisis that may result because of the anticipated large influx of patients from the aging “baby boomer� generation.

    I think that it would be interesting to compare the number of medical students enrolled in medical schools in 1975 and the number of such students enrolled today. Such a comparison could be for North Carolina and. also, for the nation. Then, compare those numbers with the ones for law school students during the same period. I think that you might be surprised at the small increase in medical students, especially when you compare those numbers with the increased population of our state and nation.

    The lack of significant expansion of seats for medical students at new or existing medical schools in the last 30 years can’t be blamed on a lack of interest by potential medical school applicants. It has become legend about how difficult admission to medical school can be. Nationwide, I would think that the top tiers of rejected applicants are probably well-qualified to be physicians. Unfortunately, the problem is the lack of additional growth in medical school slots to coincide with the growth of the general population.

    It is an interesting topic: Why hasn’t the increase of medical school slots kept pace with the increasing population? Do we have to wait for a full blown crisis to develop before we do something to alleviate the shortage of physicians?

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    I just wanted too let you know is giving your son a shout out on his web site about the lacrosse game.

  4. Mike K.
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    What about a list of ten or so unique places every Greensboro resident should visit at some point. There’s bound to be a couple of interesting places that many newer Greensboro folks are not aware of.