City Council vs Parks & Rec Commission

In a March 8th follow up email regarding the blogger/City Manager meeting, communication director, Pat Boswell, asked for “a list of things you would like to be made available.”  Nothing came to mind at the time, but I told her something would come up soon enough.  It took two days.

On March 10th, I received a packet of information for the upcoming meeting of the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Commission, of which I am vice-chair.  In the packet was this scathing letter from Commission Chair Robert Douglas to Mayor Holliday concerning February’s first-ever joint meeting between the City Council and the P&R Commission.

I asked Boswell if she would post the letter and she did.  It is the first requested document on the City’s newly created media Web page that was a direct and welcome result of the blogger/city meeting.

Ostensibly called to discuss the future of War Memorial Stadium (Inside Scoop), in short order it became clear that, as Douglas says in his letter, the meeting was “scripted” with another agenda.  Namely, calling the P&R Commission on the carpet.  We were one pissed off Commission after it was all over.

After the Mayor opened the meeting, City Council Head Mistress Florence Gatten took to the floor and scolded the assembled Commissioners.  After stating that she would like to see more “advocacy” coming from what she obviously doesn’t know is one of Greensboro’s best attended and hardest working appointed Commissions, she said – in effect – “…if you aren’t going to do anything you might as well disband”.

From there on out the tenor of the meeting felt accusatory, hostile, and non-productive.  This Commissioner is pleased that Douglas penned the Commission’s collective resentment when he shot back with this, “…the City Council does not fully understand the function of the Parks & Recreation Commission and is operating under some misinformation.”

What’s even worse, to my mind, is that because some council members had a non-existant bone to pick with us, we never got around to discussing – (“advocating for” in Gatten’s words) – the future of War Memorial Stadium.

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